Monday, May 15, 2006

I was in that bus - Part II

Accident at Hosur

On saturday, I got the sudden urge to goto chennai. On impulse, I took my black Pulsar and drove all the way to chennai. The 350km highway was beautiful - min 4 lane and it was different experience altogether. Though it took me 14 hours of rest to recupperate from the 7 hours of travel.

Taking my friends advice, I left the bike in chennai and decided to travel by bus since it was supposed to be safer. However as you can see from the snap - its not the case. We met with an accident at 5:30am. We escaped with minor injuries bcoz the driver was slow. In fact he was so slow that I wonder as to how he managed to cause an accident. He took 6 hours to travel just 300 kms in this smooth highway :(

They say that lightning never strikes twice but i guess they were wrong. Nearly a year back, I had a similar close shave on my way to Munnar.

I am still wondering whether I am lucky or lucky. I have met with two accidents in a span of a year or so. But I have managed to walk away from both of them with minor injuries.